1 Day Rwanda Gorilla Tour

A one day gorilla safari in Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park routinely begins from Kigali. The guests wake up at 4:00am, take an early breakfast and then after start the journey at either 4:30 or 5.00am, taking about 2:30 hours’ drive to the Park headquarters inRuhengeri (Musanze). Even though a one-day trip is doable, we always advise our guests to stay a night in Ruhengeri near the park to elude body exhaustion as rising up from bed so early for breakfast before driving to the park headquarters can be challenging. However, if it’s a visitor’s decision due to limited time, we make it possible and enjoyable for him or her.

When you arrive at the park in time, briefing for the gorilla visitors starts at 7.30am to 8.30am and then after, tourist vehicles will disperse, as they transport gorilla trackers to several gorilla trekking starting spots.

The good thing with gorilla trekking is guests who feel extensively frail are allotted the nearby gorilla groups that require a minimal energy to find. The good thing with our gorilla safaris is that our gorilla visitors go with packed lunch and sufficient water to drink and there are porters to aid in carrying the visitors’ bags.

After gorilla trekking, you will be driven back to Kigali where you arrive in the evening, and the driver will either drop you to your booked accommodation in Kigali or to Kigali Airport for your flight to another end.

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